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As metal roofing experts, we’re often asked if metal roofs make noise. In this article, we’ll answer all your questions. While it’s often the cheapest and most versatile material to choose when installing a new roof on your property, some residents are hesitant to go with this solution because of the potential noise issues. So

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How much does it cost to replace commercial roofing? As one of Queensland’s leading roofing specialists, we’re often asked this very question. In this article, we’ll aim to provide you with the answers you need while also discussing answers to what is commercial roofing and what is the best commercial roofing material? What is Commercial

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If you’ve just installed a new roof, storm damage can be a big problem. Queensland’s wild weather is  making the need to repair storm damaged roofs somewhat more of a priority, so in this article, we give you roof storm damage repair  tips and tricks and advice on when to call in the specialists for

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If you’re considering getting a roofing quote, this is the article for you. Here, our roofing experts will discuss things to ask when getting roofing quotes, and you’ll learn why we’re the best option for a flat roof quote or roofing quote Brisbane residents can rely on. Things to ask when getting roofing quotes As

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When you own a commercial building, it’s important to consider the roof over your head, especially the types of materials that roofing is made from. In this article, we focus on two of the main questions we’re asked when discussing commercial roofing: what is commercial roofing? and what is the best commercial roofing material? What

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Metal roofing is widely recognised as one of the best materials for homes and businesses in the 21st century. Metals are durable, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and they come with almost unlimited design possibilities. But which metal roofing is the very best for your roof? In this article, we examine some of the most popular options to help

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Guttering problems are a hassle at the best of times, but when the gutters are blocked on your large commercial property, you can expect very expensive problems. Clogged, cracked and poorly installed gutters and pipes can lead to build-ups, moisture problems and health hazards that can really damage your commercial building. Do you have a big

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If there’s one thing that commercial architects and builders can agree on, it’s that metal roofing is best for big projects. Metal roofing is now the default choice for professional builders, developers, and architects for large-scale commercial spaces. With affordable costs, low maintenance and a range of other benefits, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t

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Are you looking at your options for roof replacement or new roof installation in Brisbane? If you’re a business owner, then you should look no further than metal roofing. Whether you’re operating a warehouse, a factory or an office, big businesses often come with big roofs. The larger your roof is, the more important it is