Asbestos Removal Gold Coast

If you’re looking for asbestos removal in Gold Coast, then you’ve come to the right place. At Manchester Roofing, we’re committed to safely removing asbestos from buildings in the Gold Coast area using state of the art equipment and methods. With us, you get a professional asbestos removal service with decades of experience on our side.

B Class-Certified In Asbestos Removal

When it comes to asbestos removal, you need people who know what they’re doing. At Manchester Roofing, all our asbestos removal operatives are B Class Certified in asbestos removal.

Certification means that everyone on our asbestos removal team understands how to handle and dispose of asbestos-containing products safely. With our professionals on your side, you can minimise the risk of asbestos exposure and ensure that any remaining asbestos on your property is negligible.

Gold Coast Asbestos Risk

Companies began making asbestos roofing and building materials for buildings in the Gold Coast back in the 1930s because of perceived benefits that it brought: both higher durability and strength. But in the decades that followed, researchers began to discover that asbestos fibres took a terrible toll on human health. People exposed to asbestos developed conditions like asbestosis and lung cancer.

Unfortunately, the truth about the harmful effects of asbestos only emerged in the 1970s and 1980s, by which point, thousands of buildings already contained the material. At Manchester Roofing, our mission is to help property owners in the Gold Coast area remove harmful asbestos-containing products from their properties using state-of-the-art methods. Once the material is gone, the risk of asbestos poisoning disappears.

Asbestos roof sheeting is safe, so long as the asbestos remains encased in concrete. Unfortunately, concrete roofing degrades over time, just like any other roofing material, releasing asbestos fibres into the environment, potentially damaging the lungs of colleagues, customers and members of your family.

Get Asbestos Removal In Gold Coast Today

The good news is that with Manchester Roofing, you can remove dangerous asbestos today. We follow all Australian Standards, ensuring that you can continue to protect all the people in your care.

At Manchester Roofing, we follow a strict process for removing asbestos in all buildings we service in Gold Coast.

Create A Work Method Statement
The purpose of the Work Method Statement is to outline how we will protect all stakeholders involved in the project from the hazard presented by asbestos.

Safety Lower Sheets To The Ground
We use sspecialised equipment and techniques to prevent asbestos-containing sheets of roofing material from breaking on their way down to the ground.

Wrap All Asbestos Roofing Materials
We wrap all asbestos-containing roofing materials in polyethene on-site, ready for transportation to waste disposal.

Vacuum Affected Areas
Some roofing material particles are so small that we cannot remove them by hand. We use approved vacuuming equipment to remove any residue and ensure that your premises are asbestos-free before we leave.

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