Asbestos Roof Replacement

If you're looking to replace an asbestos roof, then you've come to the right place. At Manchester Roofing, we offer B Class certified operatives, trained in professional asbestos roof removal and replacement, ensuring that your building remains safe for all those who use it.

Roof Replacement

The final stage of the process is to replace your roof with one that is long-lasting and free of hazardous materials, such as asbestos.

Our metal roofs are ideal for both domestic and commercial properties alike. We offer a range of professional roofing solutions for a variety of premises, including industrial, commercial, residential, and the public sector.

Roof Removal And Replacement By Manchester Roofing

The first step of replacing an asbestos roof is removing the existing material. Concrete asbestos roofing is safe as long as the concrete remains intact. But, just like any other roofing material, concrete degrades over time, allowing asbestos fibres to escape into the environment.

When it comes to asbestos roof replacement, we don't take any risks. At every stage of the removal and replacement, we follow high safety standards.

First, we create a Work Method Report, outlining how we will work together to ensure the safety of all people who use the site as well as the general public.

Next, we'll begin putting up signs and barriers warning people of the hazardous materials we're removing.

Then begins the process of removing the asbestos sheeting from your roof. Our operatives treat all asbestos roofing material first with either PVA paint or water to prevent sections from releasing their asbestos load into the atmosphere. Next, we use a combination of cranes and lifting equipment to lower sections down to the ground safely. Once they get there, we wrap them in plastic sheeting, ready for transport to a secure disposal facility.

Why Replace Your Asbestos Roof?

Asbestos roofs are dangerous. Over time, weathering can damage them, opening up cracks in roof sheeting and eroding the edges, releasing asbestos fibres into the environment. People in the building can then inhale those fibres, causing a range of severe lung conditions, such as asbestosis and lung cancer.

Replacing an asbestos roof comes with a host of other advantages.

Makes Your Current Roof More Attractive

Is your concrete sheet roof looking a little worse for wear? With our asbestos roof replacement, you can get something that will attract more customers or make your home look more attractive.

Improves Energy Efficiency

With a new roof from Manchester Roofing, you can improve the energy efficiency of your building, lowering your energy bills.

Increases The Value Of Your Property

Asbestos roofs can bring down the value of your property. But once it's gone, nothing is holding you back. Get your roof replaced today with something attractive, affordable, and safe.

Asbestos Roof Replacements For Manchester Roofing

Are you looking for an asbestos roof replacement? If so, you've come to the right place.

Manchester Roofing has the professional expertise you need to do so safely and effectively.
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