Asbestos Removal
Brisbane Northside

With our asbestos removal services in Brisbane Northside, you can quickly and effectively remove hazardous asbestos sheeting and roofing material from your property, protecting customers, colleagues and family members alike.

Licensed Contractors In Brisbane Northside

Manchester Roofing is a licensed asbestos removal expert who has been in the industry for more than three decades.

All of our asbestos removal colleagues hold B Class certification in asbestos removal and have an in-depth knowledge of the dangers of asbestos and how to handle it safely. We follow all Australian Standards while removing asbestos from a building.

Why Asbestos Removal Is So Important In Brinbase Northside

Manufacturers began embedding asbestos fibres in concrete sheet roofing back in the 1930s because of the additional strength and durability the material offered. However, fifty years later, science began to show that there was a link between asbestos exposure and the development of chronic lung conditions, including asbestosis and lung cancer.

Over time, regulators began to impose restrictions on the production of asbestos and then banned it outright, but unfortunately, a lot of damage had already been done. Asbestos was already a popular roofing and construction ingredient, present in hundreds of thousands of buildings across the country.

Many buildings in Brisbane Northside contain asbestos roofing materials that need to be removed. Asbestos roofing is safe, so long as the sheets remain intact. However, as the decades wear on, many asbestos roofs are beginning to break down, risking the release of dangerous fibres into the atmosphere. Asbestos fibres can result in severe health complications for those affected.

Trust Our Process To Remove Asbestos Safely

Our priority when removing asbestos is to do it safely.

First, we ensure that all the people on site wear protective respirators and coveralls to protect them against asbestos in roofing materials.

Next, we cordon off the site area, ensuring that nobody except authorised personnel has access. We then draw up a work statement method, outlining the steps that we will take to ensure that all stakeholders are safe, including customers, owners, and waste disposal operatives further down the supply chain.

Removing asbestos roof sheeting in Brisbane Northside is a tricky process.

If the sheets break on their way down, there’s a risk of releasing dangerous asbestos fibres into the environment. We use specialised equipment to lower roofing materials to the ground, ensuring that they remain intact.

Once they reach the ground, we wrap them in a polyethene plastic sheeting to prevent any particles or debris from escaping during transit to disposal.

At Manchester Roofing, we minimise the risk of asbestos exposure at every stage of the removal process, from the moment material comes off the roof. We don’t take any chances at any stage.

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