Metal Roofing Installation

Where can you find the best metal roofing installation contractors in the Brisbane Metro Area? Right here at Manchester Roofing.

From our base in Brisbane, we service clients from the Sunshine Coast all the way down to New South Wales. Anyone who requires the best roofing services.

We are specialists in installing metal roofing for commercial and residential properties. We create metal roofs, dormers, fitting new gutters and downpipes.

Our experts will work hard to deliver your metal roof vision to life, on budget - on time. With your colour ideas, your style, your dreams - all of your vision.

We can work on any project from new builds to older structures that may require a facelift. All you have to do is explain to us what you want, we will work with you to create it.

Metal Roofing Installation

We Are A Trusted Metal Roof Installer

Only ever use the best metal roofing materials - that’s why our craftsmen produce the best results. All of our roofing projects finished to the highest standards.

We commit to exceeding your highest expectations, and we have the best possible tradesmen in Brisbane to ensure that your roof installation is delivered without a hitch.

We want to help you to create the look you want, we take time to ensure it is delivered within budget and timeframe. We offer fast and reliable service so that you are not left waiting.

The Benefits of Metal Roof Installation

It's essential that you know the benefits of a metal roof that you are looking to install, let's explore some of those:


Metal roofs are durable and have an unmatched life span. Metal roofs last 2-3 times as long as any other roofing material - decades. Metal roofing can last 50+ years, in comparison, asphalt requires re-roofing every ten years.


Metal is more resistant to cracking and shrinking, and it has the capability of withstanding extreme temperatures without affecting the interior of the house. Metal roofing is designed for the Australian climate.


With metal roofing, you can unleash creativity, You can cheese from a vast range of different styles and colours, allowing you more versatility in your choice of finish.


When you need a metal roof installation project completed on time and budget, then get in touch with Manchester Roofing experts. We have 30+ years of experience in metal roofing installation and renovation, and we can offer you an unrivalled service compared to other companies in Brisbane.

We will work closely with you to ensure that you get the service needed for an efficient, effective and swift metal roof installation project delivered. From inspection to permits required to the design and installation, we ensure that you get the roof that you have envisioned.

Metal Roof Installation

When you need a metal roof installed and you need the entire process to be a seamless experience, contact Manchester Roofing. Call us today, and our experts will be more than happy to book an assessment of your roof to see what we are dealing with.

For an inspection, just call 0412 621 094.