Roof and Ceiling Insulation

At Manchester Roofing, our family-run business has been supplying and installing the best quality ceiling and roof insulation for more than 30 years.

Roof insulation has thermal and acoustic properties that play a vital role in enhancing comfort in your home or industrial property by stabilising the internal temperatures. Quality roof insulation from Manchester Roofing will reduce energy costs too, saving you money on heating and cooling.

Why Should You Have Insulation Installed?            

With quality roof insulation in your home or property, you will:

  • Save up to 45% on heating and cooling
  • Reduce your energy use and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Rely less on heating and cooling systems
  • Make your home more comfortable

SupaTherm Roofing Blanket

At Manchester Roofing, we supply and install SupaTherm – the world’s most widely used roofing insulation. SupaTherm combines two very effective forms of insulation into a single product for maximum performance: Glass Wool Insulation and reflective foil adhered to one side.

The reflective foil acts as a barrier that reflects 95% of radiant heat entering your roof cavity and prevents condensation. Meanwhile, the Glass Wool Insulation absorbs outside noise and slows down the transfer of heat into and out of your home. SupaTherm has a 150mm foil overlap for added condensation protection.

High-Quality Insulation Products

We offer a range of insulation panels and products including Protherm, Air Cell, Polytherm and roof sisalation. We also provide Rhino roofing blankets, featuring a high strength polywoven fabric facing that’s applied to a glass wool blanket, with no added formaldehyde.

Insulation Installers in Brisbane

At Manchester Roofing, we have extensive experience supplying and installing roof insulation in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and New South Wales. We also provide guttering installation services and re-roofing for all your roof needs.

For more information about roof insulation, phone our friendly team today on 07 3490 8480 or on 0412 621 094. You can also fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you!

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