Asbestos Removal & Replace

Manchester Roofing Australia Pty Ltd specialises in domestic, commercial and industrial asbestos removal, disposal and re-roofing.  We guarantee that all asbestos related work will be undertaken by qualified employees holding B Class certification in asbestos handling and that all work will be conducted to the relevant Australian Standards.

For all projects involving asbestos the following safety measures will be undertaken;

  1. A work method statement outlining all of the hazards and various controls measures associated with the task will be developed in consultation with our employees.
  2. Warning signs and barriers will be erected.
  3. As required friable asbestos will be sealed with PVA paint or wet with water.
  4. Coveralls and an approved respirator (P2) will be worn by all employees.
  5. All sheets will be lowered safely to the ground to minimise breakage and the spread of fibres.
  6. Once removed any asbestos containing material will be stacked on polythene sheeting, wrapped and sealed for disposal.
  7. Any remaining asbestos residues will be removed with the use of an approved vacuum cleaner.
  8. All waste containing asbestos will be kept wet or wrapped in polythene until it’s removed from site.
  9. Used coveralls, masks and filters will be disposed of with all other asbestos waste in bags for removal from site.
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