What Sort of Metal Roofing Is Best for Your Space

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Metal roofing is widely recognised as one of the best materials for homes and businesses in the 21st century. Metals are durable, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and they come with almost unlimited design possibilities.

But which metal roofing is the very best for your roof? In this article, we examine some of the most popular options to help you find the best metal roof for your commercial property. Read more

Guttering Problems on Large Metal Roofs – Symptoms and Solutions

Blocked Drain Pipe on Rooftop


Guttering problems are a hassle at the best of times, but when the gutters are blocked on your large commercial property, you can expect very expensive problems. Clogged, cracked and poorly installed gutters and pipes can lead to build-ups, moisture problems and health hazards that can really damage your commercial building.

Do you have a big metal roof with big guttering problems? Here’s what you should do next. Read more

Why Commercial Architects & Builders Prefer Metal Roofing

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If there’s one thing that commercial architects and builders can agree on, it’s that metal roofing is best for big projects. Metal roofing is now the default choice for professional builders, developers, and architects for large-scale commercial spaces. With affordable costs, low maintenance and a range of other benefits, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be beloved by the professionals.

Let’s have a closer look at metal roofing and find out why it’s the choice of the pros. Read more

Why Is Metal Roofing a Better Option for Big Roofs?

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Are you looking at your options for roof replacement or new roof installation in Brisbane? If you’re a business owner, then you should look no further than metal roofing. Whether you’re operating a warehouse, a factory or an office, big businesses often come with big roofs. The larger your roof is, the more important it is to tick all the boxes, and metal roofing does just that.

Read on for more information about metal roofing and why it’s the best solution for large roofs. Read more

Does the Roof of Your Business Leak?

Builder And Client Inspecting Roof Damage

A leaking roof is a cause for concern in any environment, but these concerns are only amplified when it comes to commercial buildings. If the roof of your business is leaking, it can put your employees, customers, clients, and stock at serious risk.

A leaking roof can damage your reputation and cost you a lot of money. That’s before we even look at what’s going on inside the roof. In this article, our roofing specialists take a look at roof leaks in commercial buildings, the damage they can do, and what you can do to fix it.

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A Short History of Roofs in Brisbane and Queensland

Raindrops on a Tin Roof

More than just an important part of every property, the roof is a style statement and a reflection of a certain period in history. Roofs in Brisbane and Queensland certainly have a characteristic of their own. Born out of European tradition and evolving to match local conditions, Queensland roofs have adapted to deal with heat and rainwater – and they do it in style.

From the earliest bark covered roofs to the characteristic corrugated style, roofing in Brisbane has certainly come a long way. Here’s a brief look at the history of roofs in Brisbane and Queensland.

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Fire and Your Roof – What You Should Know

2 firefighters on roof

Fire hazards are an ever-present concern for properties in Queensland and Australia, with a range of factors contributing to the overall safety of our buildings. The roof space can be particularly prone to fire, especially when poor workmanship is at play. This makes roof inspections and remedial work essential to fire safety in your roof.

From poor wiring, to loose asbestos, there are many factors that can put your roof and building at risk. In this article, our Brisbane roofing specialists will explain what you need to know about fire and your roof. Read more

The Importance of Choosing a Certified Roofer

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When it comes to building renovations, it’s always tempting to take a shortcut and save some money. Whether it’s doing it yourself or hiring a general contractor, you will usually regret the decision to forgo the services of an expert. This is especially the case when it comes to roofing jobs, which are often fraught with extra dangers and added complications.

Do you need building repairs, renovations or re-roofing for your business? Here’s why you need a roofing specialist to do the job. Read more

Let’s Look at Roof Insulation

Builder Installing Insulating Board Into Roof Of House

We’re all lucky to have a roof over our heads, but sometimes we’re not aware of just how lucky we are. A high-quality roof can help to keep us cool in summer and warm in winter, while ensuring our energy bills don’t spiral out of control. Roofing is also the key to peace and quiet at home and work, helping to improve our efficiency whether we’re looking to take a nap or meet a deadline.

Roofing insulation is essential for all of these qualities, making it an important addition to any new roof or roof replacement.

Here is what you need to know about roof insulation before investing in a new roof.

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Information About Commercial Roofing Projects

Roofing contractor Roof Repair. Roofer install metal roof tile. House roofing construction.

When it comes to commercial properties, high-quality roofing should be a top priority. Your roof not only plays an important role in protecting against wind, rain and extreme heat – it can also contribute to business productivity and your overall bottom line.

A commercial roof can play an important role in protecting and maintaining your stock, and it’s also essential to creating a comfortable and productive workplace.

A well-considered roofing project won’t just make your business look good – it will also improve your commercial operations in the long run.

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