The Importance of Choosing a Certified Roofer

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When it comes to building renovations, it’s always tempting to take a shortcut and save some money. Whether it’s doing it yourself or hiring a general contractor, you will usually regret the decision to forgo the services of an expert. This is especially the case when it comes to roofing jobs, which are often fraught with extra dangers and added complications.

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Let’s Look at Roof Insulation

Builder Installing Insulating Board Into Roof Of House

We’re all lucky to have a roof over our heads, but sometimes we’re not aware of just how lucky we are. A high-quality roof can help to keep us cool in summer and warm in winter, while ensuring our energy bills don’t spiral out of control. Roofing is also the key to peace and quiet at home and work, helping to improve our efficiency whether we’re looking to take a nap or meet a deadline.

Roofing insulation is essential for all of these qualities, making it an important addition to any new roof or roof replacement.

Here is what you need to know about roof insulation before investing in a new roof.

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Information About Commercial Roofing Projects

Roofing contractor Roof Repair. Roofer install metal roof tile. House roofing construction.

When it comes to commercial properties, high-quality roofing should be a top priority. Your roof not only plays an important role in protecting against wind, rain and extreme heat – it can also contribute to business productivity and your overall bottom line.

A commercial roof can play an important role in protecting and maintaining your stock, and it’s also essential to creating a comfortable and productive workplace.

A well-considered roofing project won’t just make your business look good – it will also improve your commercial operations in the long run.

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Getting a Roof Inspection

Everything you need to know about getting a roof inspection 

A roof inspection can keep your roof healthy and reduce the incidence and potential of costly (and unplanned) roof repair or replacement. During a roof inspection, a roof specialist can detect pre-existing damage which may have gone unnoticed and offer advice on the best roof repair or re-roofing solution. We’ve created a guide to roof inspections to help take the guesswork out of your structural issues!

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Why Choose Manchester Roofing?

Why choose Manchester Roofing?

For more than 30 years, the roofing specialists at Manchester Roofing have been providing the community of Brisbane with high-quality roofing services. We are experts in supplying and installing metal roofs, guttering, fascia, roof and ceiling insulation, and more. Whether your commercial, residential or industrial job is big or small, we can help!

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All about Industrial Roofing and Commercial Roofing

Industrial and commercial roofing in Queensland

Quality industrial and commercial roofing is important to protect the inner structure of your building and the people in it. Modern solutions have been designed to be secure, safe, strong and energy efficient.

Brisbane properties have a range of industrial and commercial roofing solutions available to them. With experience working on factories, power plants, wineries, offices, hotels, shops, warehouses, high-rise buildings, shopping centres and more, your roofing specialist will be able to complete your project to the highest standards.

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Which Roofing Service do I Choose?

Your ultimate guide to choosing the right roof service

Is your roof is looking old and worn down,  maybe you’re suffering from leaking drains, or perhaps you’re looking to build a new house and need quality roofing services? With so many roofing options out there it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for your individual needs. The roofing specialists at Manchester Roofing in Brisbane are here to give you a helping hand. Here’s our ultimate guide to roof services – to help you find the right option for you.

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Does your Roof have Asbestos?

Does your roof have asbestos?

Many homes in Australia contain asbestos – a highly toxic substance which can have damaging effects to you and your family’s health. Asbestos inhalation can cause a variety of respiratory problems, the most detrimental being lung cancer. Asbestos is often found in roofs which were built or refurbished before the year 2000 and the procedure to remove it is extremely specific and delicate.

In this article, we’re explaining how you can find out if you have an asbestos problem in your building’s roof and what can be done in the way of removal to safeguard your health.

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Re-Roofing for Heritage Buildings

Re-roofing for heritage buildings

On a heritage building, the roof not only shelters you from the weather but is often an important part of its historic significance, too. While regular roof maintenance will extend the life of your roof a great deal, you will eventually need to replace the roof completely.

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